Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge

Apply Smooth Even Coats of Dressing to Tyres and Trim Without the Mess with this DuraFoam Tire Dressing Applicator!

This rugged professional tyre dressing applicator is perfect for even dressing of tyres and trim, eliminating any drips, runs and wasting of product.

It fits perfectly in your hand. The applicator is constructed of two different densities of foam - the top part being stiffer for better control and the bottom part softer to perfectly follow contours of any tyre sidewall. 

The curved design of this applicator keeps tyre dressing off your hands and puts it exactly where it should be - on the tyre, keeping it off the rims and driving surface.

Long lasting, the foam on this tyre applicator is chemical resistant and washable. 

Make dressing your tyres an easy and clean job to do! 

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Type: Exterior Car Care


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