Ceramic Detailer

Ceramic Detailer is an innovative spray sealant utilising Si02 technology to add protection to your ceramic coated vehicle while creating an unmatched shine to your paint. Ceramic Detailer rejuvenates and adds a ton of protection to your coated vehicle, not to mention adds an unbelievable wet look shine!

One of the biggest benefits of Ceramic Detailer is the ability to be used as a "drying aid". Simply spray Ceramic Detailer on the rinsed off "wet" surface and dry the vehicle with a quality microfibre drying towel.


- Infused with Si02 technology

- Adds a slick hydrophobic coat to the vehicle

- Repels dirt, grime and water

- Used as a top coat to your ceramic coating

- Can be used as a stand-alone sealant on non-ceramic coated vehicles lasting up to 6 months

- Works great on plastic trim

- Can be used as a drying aid

Type: Exterior Car Care


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