Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Kit

The Jax Wax Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Kit is everything you need to properly clean the leather surfaces in your vehicle.


- Using Jax Wax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner spray the area that needs to be cleaned, until completely covered. Let sit for 30 seconds.

- Using the true Boars Hair Leather Cleaning Brush scrub the area thoroughly. This brush is the softest brush on the market and is the best option for gently cleaning leather without worry of harming the surface.

- Now use the provided Edgeless Microfibre Utility Towel to wipe the surface clean. 

- Once the leather is completely dry you can now apply Jax Wax Leather Magic Conditioner. Apply a small amount of Leather Magic to the provided microfiber applicator. Rub the conditioner into the leather maintaining consistent coverage.

- Let the conditioner soak into the surface for 1-2 minutes then wipe clean with the additional Edgeless Microfibre Utility Towel.

Proper cleaning and conditioning will help maintain your leather seats and keep them in like new condition for a very long time.

Kit Includes:

  • Jax Wax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner
  • Jax Wax Leather Magic
  • Boars Hair Leather Cleaning Brush
  • Microfiber Applicator (Grey)
  • Edgeless Microfibre Utility Towel (2)

Type: Interior Car Care


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