Pop's Detail Spray (473 ml)

Here at Jax Wax we have teamed up with some of our favorite people Jason Roy and Pop better known as Pop Watch. Not only do they have one of the best Facebook pages but they are even better people. Jason has always been a #teamjaxwax guy so the collaboration was an easy setup. The best part is all proceeds from the detail spray will go directly to the Teachers Education Foundation in their Texas community and they will be further exploring the opportunities to help extinguish over drawn meal tabs from students at the Elementary school or however the Principal would best elect it gets spent in that capacity.

This pleasantly scented detail spray is specifically designed to show you that Pop “CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT”. It removes finger prints, smudges, and surface dust from paint, chrome, glass and plastic. Mainly guaranteeing better shine.



  • Mist Pop’s Detail Spray lightly on a cool surface.
  • Tell everyone else to “Get back in the house”
  • Wipe immediately with a plush microfiber towel - Repeat this process one panel at a time.

Type: Exterior Car Care


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